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Redefine what's possible.

Is cybersecurity keeping your board up at night?

Concerned your firewalls & multi-factor authentication are just not enough? Finally, a technology that ensures shared data is stripped of any sensitive information a bad actor could exploit.

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Cybercriminals get nothing of value.

Tokenization “is an effective strategy for securing credit cards; it’s a natural progression to use it to protect PII & EHR…”

Avivah Litan, Gartner VP & Distinguished Analyst

How We Help

How We Help

POSSIBLE: Quickly & efficiently remove protected health information from your medical records so you can safely share HIPAA-compliant medical data as required by the 21st Century Cures Act.  

POSSIBLE: NEW Revenue Streams when you Tokenize, Redact & Mask PHI

Peace of Mind
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Peace of Mind

POSSIBLE:  Put technology to work that protects sensitive patient data, even if exposed in a breach, by setting a tripwire that outsmarts hackers. Before a record is shared:

◼︎ Patient Name is tokenized:  AZ23B7456YBA87LW

◼︎ Social Security ID is redacted:  XXX-XX-XXX

◼︎ Month/day of birth are masked:  **/**/1982

POSSIBLE: Avoid Reputational Damage & Operational Expense

Bad actors hack digital records for the same reason robbers target banks…it’s where the money is. Encrypted data is an easy and profitable target for ID theft & ransomware.

Our solution is based on the assumption that ALL records will be exposed eventually. The only way to prevent ID theft and extortion is to separate the lock from the key…that’s what we've done. With 3PSecure, bad actors will quickly discover hacking your data on the move is like opening the bank vault to find there’s no cash...only strings of meaningless data or no data at all.  No worries.

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Maximize value & minimize risk for players across the ecosystem.

Securing the Future
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Secure the Future of
Sharing Sensitive Data

POSSIBLE: Tear down data silos and securely share sensitive data with 3PSecure. Fire up your imagination to see what you can discover with advanced analytics. Leverage your treasure trove of data and facilitate actionable AI & BI for unprecedented patient outcomes.

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Start protecting your PHI.

SaaS Solution
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Fast & Easy to Deploy
Comprehensive SaaS Solution

◼︎ Control the data you own

◼︎ Secure the data you share

◼︎ Comply with HIPAA & 21st Century Cures Act

◼︎ Go to market with speed & confidence

◼︎ Enjoy unprecedented ROI

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Our solution is available NOW.

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